To assure an aircraft’s smooth and safe travel or rectify a technical snag, Aircraft Test Equipment and GSE (Ground Support Equipment) is required. The technical snag in the aircraft, if any, must be instantly detected and rectified. GRD Aviation Pvt. Ltd. provides the complete service of Aircraft Ground Support Equipments. GRD Aviation can supply the full range of Aircraft GSE and Test Equipment to ensure reliable performance. The equipment supplied by GRD Aviation Pvt. Ltd. includes the latest technical and engineering updates to make sure that our clients have the latest and the most authentic equipment.

Aircraft Test Equipment and Ground Support Equipment supplied by GRD Aviation Pvt. Ltd. come with OEM Certificate of Conformance and calibration/test reports (wherever applicable). As per the customer’s requirement, new or used equipment can be sourced.

Lubricants and Dangerous Goods

Aircraft consumables which include Sealants, Adhesives, Oils, Lubricants and Fluids, Tapes, Abrasives, Paints and coatings, Cleaners and Composite Products are supplied by us with a complete range of Chemical products of sufficient shelf-life & by Hazmat handling, according to all applicable standards. All the latest products specified by the Aircraft manufacturers which are all fully traceable to the manufacturer are supplied by us with the Conformance Certificate/ Release Note.

GRD Aviation maintains a wide-ranging stock of genuine aircraft consumables for instant delivery.